Camera Lenses for your Smartphone or Tablet

Thanks for letting me try those little lenses that attached to my iPad the other day. How do I get them myself? This question came from one of the students in my photography class. I had brought in a variety of lenses for them to try with their smartphone and tablet cameras. This is a […]

Gear for a New Strobist

One student recently asked me about what gear to get if he’s just getting into flash photography after watching me work on-location. I wanted to share the thread for others who may be similarly interested. What do I need to get started in flash photography? I want adequate gear at a student photographer price. Though […]

Canon 5D Mark III price drop!

I recently posted the following note on Facebook:  Can’t believe the Canon 5D Mark III dropped to $3199 on Amazon already! Only means that they’re gonna go out of stock for weeks on end again after the rush of eager buyers. =] One of my readers who has not been following the Canon news then […]