Friday January 23, 2004


“I learned thirty years ago that it is foolish to scold.  I have enough trouble overcoming my own limitations without fretting over the fact that God has not seen fit to distribute evenly the gift of intelligence.”  –John Wanamaker

… “I personally had to blunder through this old world for a third of a century before it even began to dawn upon me that ninety-nine times out of a hundred, people don’t criticize themselves for anything, no matter how wrong it may be.”

Hmm, need to think about this one for a little while longer, though the examples are easy enough to find in the service sector.

Wednesday January 14, 2004

I caught up on 30+ messages worth of Xanga daily subscriptions AND
I updated my various web pages (including Xanga and Acomp) AND 
I got a free lunch with my freshman advisees AND
I got lots of things repaired and consulting work done at Meyer AND
I hired a student experienced in Final Cut Pro to work in the Multimedia Studio AND
I didn’t feel even a bit sleepy all day AND
Now I’m headed to a free dinner at my favorite fancy French-Italian restaurant, Nouveau Trattoria, with a bunch of friends! 

Wow, this has got to be the best day of work ALL YEAR!  YES!!  HALLELUJAH!!!  (Yeah, so it’s only January 14th.  Don’t burst my bubble; I’m on a roll here.)

Wednesday January 14, 2004

I paid $68 to have my front deadbolt repaired last night.  It’s so fascinating to watch someone with the right tools be able to get right in there and effortlessly take stuff apart (without breaking it).  I remember trying to sand the strike plate down with a glorified nail file about two months ago when the weather first started making our door harder to lock, and it just DID NOT WORK.  All my huffing and puffing (and breathing in little powdery bits of steel) made nearly no improvement at all.  In fact, it probably made the problem worse, as the surfaces where the deadbolt and the strike plate touch got all roughened up.   It took Repairman Robert no more than five minutes to get the job done with his power screwdriver, crescent wrench, and power drill with sander bit.   Zip!  Crank!  Buzz!  All done!  And to think that we had been “dealing” with the problem of the door not locking properly for months now!  Well, at least his sanding tool probably cost more than $68.  Next project: My housemate mentioned he wanted to open up his Xbox.  Hope he finds the right tool…

All of this reminds me of a dorm prank I read about, where the pranksters snuck into someone’s room while he was out briefly, swiped his keys, and then disassembled and reassembled his doorknob backwards so that the locking mechnism worked from the outside of his room.  When the resident returned, he closed his door behind him only to realize that he had locked himself inside of the room, while the pranksters laughed and played catch with his keys out in the hallway!  Classic.  Much better than tossing a garden hose over a stall door and turning on the faucet while the poor victim sits there helplessly on the toilet with his pants down.  That’s just mean. 

Wednesday January 14, 2004

I am REALLY REALLY hungry right now.  The stomach is just churning like mad.  For most people, apparently this is normal.  For me, this highly unusual, a sign that something is awry…  =I 

Had lunch yesterday?  Some kind of Italian fruitcake of unknown origin.  Check!  
Had dinner last night?  Ketchup with corndogs and relish.  Check!
Even had a banana this morning!

Oh well, time to announce a surprise lunch with my advisees.  Wow, I’m really looking forward to dinner at Nouveau Trattoria tonight…

Wednesday January 14, 2004

Had another weird dream this morning.

I was in an unfamiliar house with salmon / pink walls and the only other character in the house was my mom (?). For some reason, I was running / sneaking around the house like a trapped animal, brandishing a very large kitchen knife. I remember running back to “my” room and lying in wait on top of the covers, trying to keep the knife out of view, but not out of my reach. I had this dreaded feeling something or someone was coming, but I don’t remember anything else happening.

Then I realized I was waking up.  It was 9:30 AM. Late for work again. =[