Contact Lens Dream

Here was my dream this morning:

It’s my wedding day (uh….yeah).  The bride (unspecified as to whom in the dream) has not arrived yet, so I’m waiting around in the chapel (?) in my tux.  I check my face in the mirror, and suddenly I discover this bright, rounded patch of red creeping up my right eye from under the bottom eyelid.  From my brief inspection in the mirror, I can’t tell what it is or how to get it out, so I go to the bathroom to find a better mirror.  While looking at the bathroom mirror, I kind of lower my chin and allow my right eye to roll up so that I expose more of the red patch.  As my eye rolls up and the red patch reveals itself as a perfectly round circle, I am both excited and horrified to find that it is a contact lens.  Aha!  It’s the one I thought I lost in the pool that day when my goggles flipped up after a dive.  I promptly dig my finger in to extricate the contact lens, and then I flick it away, and the bloody contact lens lands on the corner of the sink counter.  I am ecstatic to have found the lost contact lens (which has apparently been stuck to the bottom of my eye for a very long time).  Suddenly, the contact lens on the counter kind of inverts and explodes (you had to be there to see it), and I notice that it is not one contact, but two contact lenses, previously stuck together.  Anyway, all this blood spurts out when the first contact lens explodes and some of the droplets land on my tux.  It is only then that I seem to notice that how dingy and old my white dress shirt is.  Hmm, what’s up with that?  Why do I have a dingy white shirt?  The last thing I remember before waking out of my dream is wondering how I’m supposed to get the blood off my shirt.  But above all, I’m just relieved to find the contact that I lost a while ago!  (No idea why there’s a second red contact lens involved.  Preparing for a sequel?)

Interpretation(s), anyone?

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  1. maybe the alien zygote that was implanted in your sclera that time the aliens/government kidnapped you finally completed its life cycle by splitting in two and leaving its host (your eye). it hid its presence by only acting when your brainwaves, which it senses through a special organ located between its middle two toes, indicate you’re alseep and dreaming, thereby disguising its existence by convincing you that you dreamed the whole episode up. oh yeah, and the aliens are contact-lens-shaped as larvae.

    they’re everywhere.

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