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Wow, I’m really liking the Google Toolbar (  How did I never consider it before?  It’s like always having a Google page up, ready to go.  It’s packed with features like “Search Current Site”, “Search Images”, “Highlight/go to search terms”, and “Translate to English” functions — basically a little of everything that makes Google so awesome.  Yeah, I really can’t be too upset by how Google keeps enticing away my employees with their chefs and massage parlors and foosball tables and lava lamps (and probably all-you-can-drink ketchup and Snapples).  Truly, they are off to a better place when they run away to be with Google.  And now they even added a Popup blocker to the toolbar.  Woohoo!  =D  Gee, thanks, employees-that-ran-away-to-be-in-a-better-place!  However, it seems a bit aggressive even with popups that I actually wanted.  I think I’m going to have to recommend that they add this nifty toy to all of the lab computers at Stanford University.  =]

Oh great, something just got into my right eye, and it’s starting to water up as I keep blinking.  Ack.  C’mon… sigh, time to find a mirror!

…Hmm… didn’t find anything.  =I

Hmm… Google: “Contact lens horror stories”

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