Friday December 10, 2004

Wow, shameless plug:  My photo site broke through the 10,000 photo threshhold!  Chieze’s album has 10 hits, and it doesn’t even have any photos in it yet!!  I think I’ve spent the past three hours trying to sort the endless Stanford pics.  Google AdSense still hasn’t figured out that there isn’t a single ghost-related photo on my entire site, and it keeps serving up outdated Halloween ads.  However, this is a pretty funny targetted ad if I do say so myself.  And somehow the Project Compassion Kenya 2004 folder continues to lead in hits, to my jealous bewilderment.  (There’s no need to further inflate the figures by visiting it just to confirm this claim.  Go look at some of the other albums instead, like this, this, and this.)  How is this possible?  All these interesting stats and more are available at

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