Monday February 28, 2005

Since I haven’t blogged in nearly a quarter of a year, I was tempted to just up and systematically delete all of these entries today.  But instead here I am adding another one.  *Shrug*

Life at Meyer:
— My cube got flooded when a silly consultant put a message to me in my serenity rock fountain instead of my paper inbox.  And this is already *after* I dubbed one of the consultants the official Fountain Monitor.  Just how *is* one supposed to explain the presence of a giant puddle in his cube?
— Wide-format printing is alive and kicking! Now that we offer 44″-wide prints for $45 (up to six feet long), users are finding all sorts of creative things to print in poster format: huge advertising banners, a big… uh… leaf?…, a giant pink rubber ducky… Should I be surprised we haven’t gotten any Britney Spears posters reproduced here yet? 
— The consultant who now looks like Jesus / Dartanian with his shoulder-length hair and goatee has come back after a year from backpacking in Chile, ready to make all the ladies swoon again over his dashing good looks and irresistable charm.  I’ve already gotten one personal “thank you” for rehiring him.  Wow.  I’m tempted to include a photo of my very capable consultant, but I don’t want to bring the Xanga servers down.

I never knew what the song “Mack the Knife” was about until today.  I always thought it had to do with that Moon Man in the McDonald’s commercial in the 80s.  It doesn’t.  It’s actually kind of weird how they changed an upbeat song about a murderous gangster into a subliminal suggestion to eat a Big Mac for dinner.  Speaking of commercials from the 80’s, I came across this random site in my research.  McDonald’s sure has a lot of commercials.  Strangely, I don’t remember most of these.  Maybe I was deprived of television.  All I seem to remember is MacGyver, Captain Planet, and Thunderhawks, which I’ve been frustrated about since probably 6th grade since nobody ever remembers them.  But then I just googled it right now and realized that it’s because it was ThunderCats and SilverHawks that I had blended together.  Silly Kenneth, Trix are for kids! And holy cow, I just realized “MacGyver: Season One” is on DVD and that Green Library is going to have it for checkout!

Um, more later about Steph, my studies, church, Xbox, and the Prius.  Yeah, “later.”  Alternatively, you can make suggestions about what I should post about, since you’re gonna be the one reading it.

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  1. i’d made some guesses about ‘mack the knife’. is it based on a real historical figure?

    have you heard the thundercats and silverhawks outtakes? if not, you need to. i think it was the same people producing them, so that might explain why you combined them.

  2. Mack the Knife is actually a showtune, taken from some old play and redone by Bobby Darin. Being as geeky as I am, I actually looked it up earlier in the quarter while I was hunting for the song and realized how disturbing the lyrics were.

    Speaking of which, it’s the opening theme for Quiz Show, which is a nifty movie everybody should watch. Directed by (snicker) Robert Redford.

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