Animated DVD Menu Created in Apple Motion

I created this Apple Motion animation sequence for use in a DVD menu. This was done for Mark Spencer‘s Final Cut Studio Integration class through the Digital Media Academy. Everything visual in the video was generated from the basic tools and content offered in Apple Motion 3, including the fireballs, gadgets, and backgrounds. Sound effects are from the Apple Soundtrack Pro and iLife libraries.

I actually created this about a year ago, but never got around to uploading it. Now Apple’s already released Apple Motion 4!

Why Should I Transfer My Video Tapes to DVD?

Occasionally, people ask whether it’s worth the effort to learn to convert video tapes to DVD (or pay someone like me to do it!). DVDs are better than VHS tapes for a number of reasons:

DVDs are easier to navigate. You can add chapter marks, DVD menus, and scene selections to get your favorite parts, instead of wasting a lot of time fast-forwarding and rewinding the tape (and wearing it down in the process).

DVDs won’t get stuck in your player like a VHS tape will sometimes. (But they still can get scratched up to the point of being unplayable.)

DVDs will play on more devices, including computers. Video tapes are getting harder to play at home, as VCRs and older camcorders wear out and stores stop selling them.

DVDs offer higher quality audio and video than VHS tapes. Because it’s digital, DVDs also won’t degrade over time, and will look and sound the same whether it’s the first time or hundredth time that you’ve played the movie. It’s also easy to make additional copies of home video DVDs without losing quality each time you copy it.

DVDs are more space-efficient and portable. DVDs take up less shelf space and you can take a lot more DVDs with you when you travel.

DVDs can contain additional special features, such as photo slideshows, extra video (i.e. outtakes or interviews), and files that can be accessed from a computer.

DVDs will impress your friends and family much more than video tapes.

DVDs make great gifts, for all of the reasons above!

What do you prefer about DVDs? Or, if you still prefer video tapes, we’d love to hear why!