A quick introduction for business owners:

Why should I care about it?

Web services like Facebook and Twitter are transforming the way businesses and their customers share information with each other. How you choose to leverage the technology is up to you, but to ignore it completely is to throw away huge opportunities to advertise your brand to millions and to make business connections for an extremely low cost of investment. Social media is surely becoming as essential to businesses as a phone number, email address, and website.

The Power of People

It’s more important than ever to save costs while improving communication and customer relationships. Social media allows you advertise products to potentially millions, build a fan base, respond to customer questions, and tailor marketing campaigns to desired target groups. And customers who like your business can easily tell their family, friends, and colleagues through these networks. If you’ve been on the fence about using social media for work, the time to act is now.

Okay, How Do I Get Started?

Sign up for Facebook and Twitter. Even if you don’t use them for anything else, they can provide additional channels for you to share content you already have, like newsletters and coupons, with your audience. By leveraging multiple communication channels, you increase the chances that your customers will hear the word.

Next, it’s easy to add “badges” to your existing website to let your customers know that they can find you on Facebook and Twitter. The clickable icons look good and enable anyone interested to follow your business through these two extremely popular media avenues. All of this can be done for free.

Facebook is used by Pringles, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Adidas, and the Los Altos Chamber of Commerce to share photos, blogs, and videos. Contests and discussions engage users. Twitter is used by businesses like Samsung, Kodak, Home Depot, Comcast, and Cockerham M.D. to share news, promote products, offer coupon codes, and dialogue with customers. Need help? Whether you want an initial consultation, help with the technical details, or a long-term plan for using social media, contact me today!

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